Terminal Servers Missing from RWW List in EBS 2008

Unlike Small Business Server (SBS) 2003, Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008 Remote Web Workplace (RWW) does not automatically publish any links to your application sharing servers. Out of the box, the computer list only shows terminal servers (and other servers) for users that are members of the Domain Admins security group and the documentation does not disclose how to change this.

Fortunatly you can add a link to your main RWW page that users can use to connect with a single click. Just add the following line to OrganizationLinks.XML in %ProgramFiles%\Windows Essential Business Server\Bin\webapp\Remote\App_Data:

/Remote/tsweb.aspx?targetMachine= _locID="useTS" />

Replacing REMOTEURL and TSNAME with the RWW URL and terminal server NetBIOS name respectively. Microsoft will be publishing detailed information about this at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=2000630 sometime today.