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Microsoft Ate My Homework!

WARNING: Office Activation May Cause Unintentional Data Loss!

I recently moved my hard drive from one system to another identically configured system and was forced to re-activate several software packages. No big deal really, since Microsoft has made their activation process quite easy.

Terminal Servers Missing from RWW List in EBS 2008

Unlike Small Business Server (SBS) 2003, Essential Business Server (EBS) 2008 Remote Web Workplace (RWW) does not automatically publish any links to your application sharing servers. Out of the box, the computer list only shows terminal servers (and other servers) for users that are members of the Domain Admins security group and the documentation does not disclose how to change this.

Symantec Endpoint Client Installation Issue

If you're having trouble installing the Symantec Endpoint 11 client on a machine that was previously running Symantec AntiVirus server components you may have have to clean up the Windows Installer entries.

VMware vs Endpoint

You may run into problems if you run the Symantec Endpoint 11 Manager on the same machines as VMware server. Luckily there's an easy workaround...

Resolving PHP.INI Conflicts with SEP11

When installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on a server already running PHP you may get the following error when you try to log in: Unable to communicate with the reporting component. This can be caused by conflicting settings in your PHP.INI file. If your existing PHP installation uses a different version than the one supplied by SEP11 then you can remedy this by specifying a version specific PHP.INI in the registry.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR2 Available

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR2 was finally released for download as of last weekend. If you've been fighting with SEP11 since it's release as I have, you may want to check it out.

Exchange 2007 and the .NET Framework 1.1

Although it is possible to run the .NET Framework 1.1 on x64 editions of Windows, you may be surprised to find that your IIS6 applications start failing with the following errors if you also have Exchange 2007 installed:

Copying Permissions Across Volume Boundaries

If you've ever needed to move large amounts of data across volumes using Windows Explorer, you were probably disappointed to find that you had to recreate all of your permissions.

The Blogging Bandwagon

We're jumping on the blogging bandwagon so be sure to keep your feed readers pointed at - you don't want to miss any of the riveting content from your friends at Technique Microsystems Ltd. We'll be posting useful tips to help you get the most out of your IT investment, along with rants and raves about the software and vendors we love, and occasionally love to hate. :-)

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